Buying Homes CASH in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties

It may be a seller’s market, but it’s not always easy to sell a home. Your home has to be in great condition, it has to attract the right buyer, and the buyer has to fill out all the paperwork, find an appraiser, pay closing costs, and more.

It’s easy to see why so many home stay on the market for 100, 200, sometimes even 365 days or more.

Homestead Group is different. We are a group of investors in Northern California that buy ANY type of property, pay in cash, and close quickly – often in 10 days or less. We’re also a different type of investment company, as we treat you like a person, not like an investment.

Benefits of Working with Homestead Group

It is our goal to provide you with a fast, easy way to sell your home fast, whether it’s in pristine condition or it needs considerable love and attention. We serve the Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County communities, and offer many benefits for those that want to sell their home, including:

  • Fast Cash Now – We make you a cash offer as soon as we see your property and close within 10 days or less. You don’t have to wait for any bank approvals, wait for any appraisers, or worry about the buyer pulling out of the home.
  • As-Is Properties – We are more than happy to buy properties as is. You don’t have to make the house look nice, fix any broken areas of the home, or even move your stuff out. If you want to simply sell it and forget it, we will buy it.
  • ANY Property – Some cash buyers and investment companies will only buy “ugly” houses. We buy any house, from the distressed to the beautiful, and everything in between. We want to buy YOUR house, no matter its condition, and make the process as comfortable for you as we can.
  • Simple Process – You call us, we visit your home, we give you a cash offer. That’s it. No scheduling of open houses, no need to talk to multiple agents, no need to wait for offers. One call, and we buy your home fast.
  • No Additional Payments or Commissions – When you sell to Homestead Group, there are no realtor commissions, we pay all the closing costs, and there are no cleaning costs. Sell your house fast with no additional stresses.

We also know that selling a property can be stressful, and so we’ll make sure that you feel comfortable throughout the process. We buy homes that require repairs, homes that are inherited, homes facing foreclosure, and homes that you simply want to sell fast for cash fast with no additional work.

Call Homestead Group Today to Get Started

Based in Folsom, we serve home sellers throughout Northern California, including Sacramento County, Placer County, and El Dorado County. We buy any houses – damaged houses, new houses, old houses, distressed houses, and everything in between. When you need a cash offer fast, call Homestead Group today at (916)662-1696.