Buying Homes CASH in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties

Types of Homes We Buy at Homestead Group

One of the ways that Homestead Group is different from other home buyers is that we buy any property of any type. We pay in cash, we buy homes as is (you don’t have to move or change anything if you don’t want to) and we fair and honest assessments of the home.

We also buy essentially any type of home, provided that you want to sell it to us, and we make sure to create a judgment free space that is geared to your comfort and satisfaction. We serve throughout Sacramento, El Dorado, and Placer County, and as a Folsom based company we are happy to travel to anywhere in nearby Northern California to see your home and make you an offer.

What Do We Mean By “Any Type of Home?”

You’ve probably seen signs around town that say “We Buy Ugly Houses,” and we are more than happy to buy any “ugly” home. But so many homes aren’t ugly, and yet they are still worth buying. We want to buy YOUR home, no matter its condition, age, or why you’re selling it.

Distressed Homes

When businesses say they buy ugly homes, what they really mean are distressed homes. These are homes that are difficult to sell the traditional way because there is some type of challenge with the property. For example:

  • Damaged Homes – We buy water damaged homes, fire damaged homes, mold damaged homes, termite damaged homes, vandalized homes – any home that is in need of major restoration, we buy as is with no additional work from you.
  • Hoarder Homes – We know that sometimes hoarding can cause people to struggle to sell their property. If you’re ready to leave the home, we can buy it and gather all of the items inside ourselves, so that you can break free and walk away.
  • Homes Facing Foreclosure – Even the short sale process for homes facing foreclosure can be difficult. We can buy the home for cash right away, and make sure that your problem property is dealt with.
  • Ugly Homes – Of course, we do buy ugly homes as well. By ugly, these are homes that are simply hard to sell, either because they are in poor condition or they are simply not considered desirable homes in today’s market.
  • Problem Tenant Homes – Sometimes, you just want to let someone else handle a problem. If you have a problem tenant in the home, we can make sure that the property is in someone else’s hands, and we’ll handle it for you.
  • Fixer Upper Homes – Fixer upper homes are not necessarily completely distressed properties, but they are properties where work needs to be completed before the home should be put to market. Since that can take extra time, those on a time crunch or those that don’t have the investment can sell to Homestead Group easily.

We buy distressed homes in areas like Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Placerville, Rescue, Camino, Cameron Park, Rocklin, Newcastle, and more, and are always happy to see your home in any condition.

Non-Distressed Properties

We want to buy YOUR home, and that means that we also buy houses in any condition. We buy homes in all shapes and sizes, and no matter why you’re selling them, including:

  • Inherited Homes You Can’t Keep
  • Selling Homes After Divorce
  • Sell Homes After Job Relocation

We are happy to buy single family homes that are older, or newer, small or large. Whether you are selling it because you want to travel the world, or you’re selling it because it’s been on the market too long. We’ll be there to buy it from you, with a cash offer that you only accept if you want to.

Call Homestead Group Today to Get Started

Homestead Group is the number one choice for those looking to sell a home fast for cash in Northern California, and we’re ready to see your property and make you an offer. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 916-662-1696 or fill out our form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.