Buying Homes CASH in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties

Expensive Repairs | Sell Your Home to Homestead Group Today

Home ownership is more expensive than ever. Not only have homes exceeded their 2006 levels, but few people have any savings and the costs to repair a home can be overwhelming. It can cost $10,000 to replacing heating and air conditioning, $8,000 to replace a roof, $30,000 to fix a faulty foundation, and that doesn’t include the costs of flooring, cabinets, bathrooms repairs, and more.

For most homeowners, even one of these repairs will break the bank. More than one and the cost to repair the home becomes unfeasible.

“I Cannot Afford My Home Repairs – Now What?”

If repairing your property is too expensive, your first instinct may be to sell your property. But selling a property the traditional way is often impossible without paying for those repairs. That’s why we should call Homestead Group, a Northern California based home buyer that purchases properties for cash as is.

Here at Homestead Group, we provide those in the Sacramento County, Placer County, and El Dorado County areas with a trusted source they can turn to in order to sell a home hast. For buyers that are struggling with expensive repairs, we will buy your home, pay any fees associated with the sale, and fix it up ourselves. You simply accept the offer and leave the repairs to us.

How to Sell a Home With Too Many Repairs Needed

At Homestead Group, we do our best to make selling your property stress free. Serving areas like Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Rescue, Camino, Cameron Park, Placerville, Orangevale, Rocklin, Newcastle, and the rest of this part of Northern California by buying homes for cash in any condition, anywhere.

We do not discriminate against any property or any degree of care. To sell a home with lots of repairs, you simply need to:

  • Send us information about your home.
  • Schedule a time for us to come see it (no need to prepare or clean for us, we’re easy).
  • Accept the offer.

If you decide you’d like to test the market and pay for the repairs yourself, you’re welcome to say no. We are a no pressure business that only tries to help those that are looking to sell their property fast, and want to skip the long, arduous, and expensive traditional home sales process.

But if you are ready to receive cash for your home, accept the sale, and move on to your next adventure, we’ll be there to help. If you are in CA, from Sacramento to Fair Oaks to Roseville and beyond, please do not hesitate to call us today at 916-662-1696, and let’s schedule time to see your home and deliver your cash quote.