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When a loved one passes away, there are often logistical decisions that take away from the ability to grieve. For example, if that loved one had a home, that home is then placed into the hands of family members, who are tasked with figuring out whether to:

  • Keep the home
  • Sell the home
  • Rent the home

Each of these decisions also involves a considerable amount of time and labor, especially if you plan to sell the home. You have to be available to clean out the home, pay for all necessarily repairs, show the home to prospective buyers, and more. For those that live far away, or those that lead busy lives, it’s simply not feasible to give the property that kind of time or attention.

“I Want to Sell My Inherited Home Fast” in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County

For those that have inherited a home in Northern California and want to find a way to sell it quickly for cash, Homestead Group is here to help. Homestead Group is a cash home buyer that serves areas like Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Placerville, Rescue, Camino, Cameron Park, Orangevale, Rocklin, Newcastle – all around the Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County region.

We buy any home – old homes, new homes, homes in disrepair, and homes that are in pristine condition. We buy properties as is, so you don’t have to touch, move, or repair anything in the home unless you want to, and we always pay in cash and close within 10 days. This allows you to sell the home:

  • Without finding a real estate agent.
  • Without figuring out where to put the extra stuff.
  • Without preparing the home for view.
  • Without waiting to accept offers.
  • Without hoping for bank approval.

We also pay all fees associated with selling a property, and we are available for any type of trust sale. This makes it easy for someone that has inherited a home to sell it without worrying about any added expenses.

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We know that you have enough to deal with when you’ve suffered from a loss. Trying to find a buyer for an inherited property is rarely the first thing on your mind. If you’re in the Sacramento area, as well as nearby El Dorado and Placer Counties, please call us today at 916-662-1696, and let us come to inspect the property, give you an offer, and take the necessary steps to move forward with the purchase.