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Why Sell an Inherited Home Fast?

Published on August 24, 2017 | by homes@admin | in Blog

It is challenging enough to handle to loss of a loved one. It becomes even more complicated when you also have to handle the logistics of their passing – such as what to do with an inherited property.

Some inherited properties are in pristine condition, local, paid in full, and ready to be rented or sold in a traditional manner. But others are not so lucky, and it becomes important to find a way to sell your inherited home fast in order to reduce some of the costs and expenses.

Reasons to Sell an Inherited Home for Cash

  1. Unaffordable Mortgage Payments – Not all homes are paid off when someone passes, and the person that inherited the home is often tasked with paying for the mortgage payments right away. For those not in a financial position to do so, it may be best to sell the home quickly.
  2. Multiple Recipients – It is difficult to sell and manage a home when it has been handed off to more than one individual. Selling the home fast is a simple way to cut losses and reduce management.
  3. Disrepair – No one expects to pass, and thus no one prepares their home for it. Some homes are inherited in severe disrepair, from issues like poor maintenance (due to failing health), hoarding, age of the home, and avoiding repairs on a fixed income. The amount it costs out of pocket to clean and repair the home for sale can be substantial.
  4. Living Far – Finally, it is far more difficult to sell a home when living far away than it is if you are local. If the heirs of the home are in other cities or states, it may be better to simply find a way to sell the property before you leave.

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