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How Old Bathrooms Bring Down Property Value

Published on January 4, 2018 | by homes@admin | in Blog

There are many factors that go into determining the value of a property. Not only does an evaluator look and size, the number of bedrooms, the layout, and other significant factors – they also look into the quality of the carpets, the state of the roof, the age of the paint, and much more.

One area that can play a big role in the value of your home is the quality of the bathrooms. Indeed, the bathrooms are often a place of significant neglect, and that’s why many homes require a bathroom remodel in order to sell for an appropriate price.

What Goes Wrong in the Bathroom?

There are several reasons that bathrooms can negatively affect home value. These include:

  • Mold and Discoloration

Filled with moisture, bathrooms (especially showers) are a very common place for mold, discoloration, and other permanent damage. If the bathroom is not cleaned regularly, its tiles, sinks, paint, and more can all be severely damaged.

  • Easily Outdated

Bathrooms have undergone a major upgrade in the past decade. It is now far more common for new homes to have beautiful, impressive, modern bathrooms, while bathrooms of old were often much more standard.

“We often see contractors contact us for our shower niche products,” says John Coburn, creator of the Ledge Shower Niche and owner of GC Products in Lincoln, “it is not just because they are functional. It is because bathrooms have become a selling point in nearly all new home design.”

Bathrooms That Suffer Will Suffer in Value

The more that the new styles of modern bathrooms become the norm, the more you will be tasked with updating your bathrooms with a look that home buyers are seeking. And if your bathrooms are in serious disrepair, that means investing thousands upon thousands of dollars into a bathroom remodel, in addition to any other upgrades you have to pay for.

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