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Home Inspection Services in Sacramento, CA – What They May Find

Published on October 18, 2017 | by homes@admin | in Blog

Homestead Group buys homes fast for cash. We serve areas like Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Placerville, Rescue, Carmichael, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Camino, Cameron Park, Rocklin, Newcastle – all around Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County. We buy distressed homes, new homes, old homes, and more. We want to buy your property for cash, and close in 7 days or less.

One of the reasons we serve this area is because we got our start as home inspection specialists. Our team was thoroughly trained in home inspections in Northern California, with an eye for detail that made us the leading home inspectors in these counties.

What Home Inspectors May Find

We may not be home inspectors anymore, but we do know the industry, and we especially know what major issues that home inspection experts look for. Keep in mind that the list of items that are used to determine your home’s valuation are extensive (often using a checklist or worksheet of 10 pages or more), with items that include:

  • No Evidence of Standing Water
  • Stable Toilets
  • No Clogged Gutters
  • No Cracks on the Main Door
  • Uniform Painting, and More

There are, quite literally, hundreds of different items on these lists that your inspector will try to discover. While many of these are low cost to replace, too many and your home’s valuation will be much less than you initially expected.

Of course, if you’re a home seller that needs to hire a home inspector, chances are you are most afraid of some of the “big ticket” items – the discovery of something that is very expensive to replace, and could drastically eat into your potential resale value. These include things like:

  • Problems with the Foundation – Easily the worst news to receive is that you have a problem with the foundation. Structural issues can be extremely expensive to replace, and many home buyers will simply walk away.
  • Proof of Water Damage – Water damage can also be a significant problem. Water damage can not only be expensive to replace, but it may also result in mold which could, depending on severity, cause buyers with allergies to walk away. Mold remediation is not always expensive, but the cause of the mold (leaks, poor ventilation, etc.) may be.
  • Electrical Issues – If there are any problems with wiring around the home, it may require a significant repair. With so many new homes in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County, most home buyers will completely avoid homes with wiring issues, meaning that a replacement will be required.
  • Roof Replacement – A few missing shingles may not be the end of the world, but poor maintenance and an old roof can be a highly expensive repair. Indeed, at Homestead Group, some of the most likely sellers to call us are those that have serious roofing issues, as the cost to replace them can be considerable.
  • Termites – Termites and pests are also cause for concern. Termites, especially, can not only cause thousands of dollars in damage: they also reduce resale value. All pests, however, can cause issues with buying/selling a home, as potential home buyers generally do not want to move into an infested household.

For some homeowners, the costs to repair these issues can also be significantly more than they had hoped to pay – as well as more than they have available to spend.

Call Homestead Group to Sell Your Home Fast

Here at Homestead Group, we buy homes in all conditions, whether the home is pristine and you simply want to sell it fast, or the home is in disrepair and you don’t want to cover all the repairs. We are more than happy to make you a no obligation cash offer, and you do not even need to pay for a home inspector as our team has inspectors in house that will determine fair market value.

If you are interested in selling your home fast for cash, fill out the details of your property today or call us at 916-662-1696 and we’ll be there in no time.